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* What kind of meters can you read?
The Kemp Meek readers can read all the various touch pad water meters, ie., Amco Elster (Kent), Sensus, Schlumberger (Neptune), Kent, Master Meter, Badger Dialog, Hexagram, Pro-Link. All meters with Sensus protocol.

* What handheld computers do you work with?
Our readers work with all the major handheld computers you usually find in use. Such as FS/2, FS/3, Telxon, Corvallis, Psion, SSI, DAP, Neptune Advance.

* What about software, any special requirements?
Most all the route software packages support automated reading devices, in those cases, you just plug in and go read.

* What are the benefits of automated readers?
Efficiency. Speed and accurate readings. A typical read takes about 2 seconds. No numbers to punch in, no errors, no meter boxes to open.

* More questions?
Contact us.

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