Meter Readers

Kemp-Meek provides high quality, cutting edge handheld computers that simplify tasks for meter readers and eliminate unnecessary expense in both urban and rural areas no matter the environmental conditions.

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Water Conservation

Americans are acutely aware of environmental and conservation issues – that’s why we provide the products and services utility companies need to curb water usage, reduce waste, and provide significant cost savings.

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Cloud Operated

We help you maintain a constant connection to your meters via wireless connection to the cloud. Cloud operated meters provide wireless communication to ensure operational & energy efficiency for labor, analytics, & billing purposes.

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Welcome to Kemp MeekManufacturing, Inc.

Kemp-Meek makes intelligent, wirelessly communicating metering solutions for the utility markets. Our Electronic Meter Reading systems allow utility companies to automate a substantial portion of their meter reading and billing functions. We also provide several models of handheld computers designed for use in the harshest environments that are capable of meeting the varied requirements of our utility customers.

The Kemp-Meek team pride ourselves on our long-lasting relationships with the world’s best product manufacturers for automated meter reading technology. Coupled with our comprehensive knowledge on the needs of the utilities industry, we are able to offer the best automated meter products on the market paired with top notch cloud based monitoring services.

Kemp-Meek is proud to announce we have launched a brand new water meter reader offering known as Velocity, structured entirely around the cloud. For automated water meter reading and invoicing, visit Cloud based is the ultimate advancement in meter reading and invoicing.

To learn more about our innovative new technologies and techniques for streamlining your operations, reducing costs, and our commitment to protecting the environment, contact the Kemp-Meek team today.

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