About Us

Kemp-Meek provides turnkey solutions for utility companies, municipalities, water districts, developers, gated communities, shopping centers, multi-family housing, and more. Our professional personnel have decades of collective experience developing innovative solutions for various industries to ensure operational efficiency, cost effectiveness, environmental conservation, waste reduction, and much more.

Kemp-Meek is a primary supplier of products for automated meter reading. Automated meter reading, or AMR, allows utility companies and others to read meters remotely without the need to access a customer’s property. As more utility companies adapt to AMR technologies, they find a dramatic reduction of cost and an increase in their overall operational efficiency. In addition, Kemp-Meek manufactures high quality data acquisition devices for applications in a diversity of industries.

As a leader in AMR solutions, we provide extensive manufacturing capabilities including concept, design, and production of products of metal or plastic. Our products benefit our customers by providing improved customer service and controlled meter reading costs. The newest offering in our product line is an advanced, IoT-connected water meter reader called Velocity, which provides cloud-based connectivity and streamlined operation for its users.

At Kemp-Meek, we are always excited to provide superior meter automation, monitoring, data services, and more through our unparalleled commitment to innovation and customer service. To find solutions for your data acquisition requirements in the utility industry, contact the Kemp-Meek Team today.